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January 2014

Ken Ham TDS awardwinner

  • To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America
  • Remove religious influences from and actively support a woman's constitutional right to reproductive choice.     

A Little Political Religious History

In the 1980's, a group of  religious zealots set forth a plan to take over the political system of the United States.  They called themselves "The Moral Majority".  They were neither.  However,  their influence did spread over the political scene.

Today they call themselves "The Religious Right" and they have taken over the Republican party.  Their influence is not with out  representation in the Democratic party, although not as completely. 

Do you want religious fanatics  influencing and even writing the laws that govern us all?

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At NRPA, we believe that the United States constitution says the the policy of our government should be free of  any religious influences.  No religion should be held above any other within our government, and political system.  Religious leaders should not have any say in the governing of the United States. 

If religious leaders want to speak politics in their churches, they should give up their tax free status as a church.  If the pastor's pulpit is used to spread the political  ideals of that pastor, or any political party, then, it is no longer a church, it is a political meeting house. 

We want to severely limit the influence of any religious organization over the public policy of the United States of America.  This includes the public school system in the United States and all political parties

We also strongly support a women's constitutional right to reproductive choice.

January 2014

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