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Founded: 2012

Founder: Donald Lee Bingham, Jr.


Areas of expertise: 
Materials Management, Organic Farming, Film & Television History, Fundraising

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We want to hear from you.  Our monthly newsletter AND stories on this website,  will be written by our friends, supporters, and members.  Video's shown on this site will also be submitted by our friends, supporters, and members.  Everybody has a story to tell..  Let NRPA tell yours.  These stories should be about, "overreaching religious zealots" (of any denomination), "public school teachers getting the nasty end of the stick",  "a woman or women who are being denied their constitutional right to choice", or "anyone being denied marriage equality".   WE WANT TO KNOW AND WE WILL SHOW.

Each month we want our friends, members, and supporters, to vote on the NRPA "Too Dumb for Science" award.  This award will be given to the person, religious organization, or corporation,  who prove to be truly "Too Dumb for Science".  We believe the name of the award says it all..  These votes are cast by you, so vote and vote often.  NRPA will donate $100, in the name of the award winner for that month, to Planned Parenthood.   We plan to donate $10,000, to Planned Parenthood, for the yearly winner of the "TDS"  The yearly winner will be voted on from all  of  the monthly winners.  We believe this will be just too much fun for all and very informative. 

Do you know a story that needs to be told?  Video's can be very informative.  We want to show your video. Contact us, We want to hear your story. 

Every day, religious fanatics of all sorts, are gaining ground in our political and educational systems.  They are trying to take your freedom.  Your freedom to say: " Hey, maybe I don't believe the same way you do.  Does that  make me any less of a person?  I have the right to say, I don't know if there is a god, and not have some religious  zealot try to take my life".

Religious terrorists come in all denominations.  What they all seem to have in common, is their willingness to kill you if you don't believe exactly as they believe.  Christian terrorists say it is "alright to kill doctors because they are murdering babies".  Muslim terrorists say that if you even "make fun" of their deity, you deserve to die.  Any religion that espouses a right to take another human life, for any reason,  is a religion we, can and should, live without.

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