• We will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America
  • We will try to remove all religious influences from, and actively support, a woman's constitutional right to reproductive choice
  • We will try to remove all religious icons and influences, in and on, the public education system of the United States of America (including all references to creationism)  We will do all we can to support our public school teachers and their unions
  • We intend to set clear guidelines for all religious leaders to limit their influences, on and in, the political system of the United States of America  (penalty: loss of tax free status for that church)  
  •  Call out and have removed from their posts, any city, state, or federal elected official, who has publicly stated to hold his or her own personal religious convictions above their oath of office taken when elected  (and swore to their god to uphold)
  • We strongly believe that any adult human being should be able to marry any other adult  human being, without regard to race or gender.  We will do all in our power to have the definition of marriage (in all dictionaries), changed from "between a man and woman" to "between two people".  We believe this is only right and just. 

NonReligious People of America

"Believe in Reason"