Westboro Baptist Church

   (christian terrorist group)

These are true christian terrorists.   This group of assholes show up at the funeral of U.S. servicemen and women and shout  really stupid things at the attendees.  They claim to know what god thinks and feels?  Truly just to crazy for this world.

Bill O'Rilley

(Loud mouth)

Bill spreads the bullshit like no one else. His "no spin zone"  is laughable.  With Bill, you don't know where the truth ends and his bullshit starts.  However, Bill works for FoxNews, so there is NO truth in anything he says.

        Too Dumb for

      Science Awards


        The "Too Dumb for Science Awards" will be voted upon every month

     by you, NRPA members, friends, and supporters.  So, cast your vote.

       Who do you believe is really "Too Dumb for Science"?

A $100 donation will be made to Planned Parenthood in the name of the winner, each month.  To cast your vote, go to the "Get Involved" page

NonReligious People of America

"Believe in Reason"

ALERT   TDS VOTING is finished

Ken Ham (president /Answers in Genisis) wins the first Too Dumb for Science award  January2014

Bryan Fischer

(Dir. of Issue Analysis for American Family Assoc.)

This supreme hate monger seems to oppose everything having to do with other peoples rights.  The AFA is considered a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and this is their face man and radio mouthpiece.